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Two More New Features of the Latest App Update

Date Written: 6/30/13

With the most recent update to the Palm Tech app (6.75), home inspectors now have the option to 'SaveAs' within an inspection and switch from category to category when filling out a report from within the Edit Category screen. Below is some information on these two new app features.

The new SaveAs feature lets you save an inspection file you're working on in the app. When you tap on the SaveAs button from the row of buttons at the top of the Choose Category screen, a text box will appear where you can give the inspection a new name and then tap on the Save button to save the inspection. This feature is great for home inspectors who prefer to use a previous inspection when starting a new inspection. You can just open a completed inspection file and change the name of it to use the inspection as a new file on the app.

Being able to switch from category to category from within the Edit Category screen of the app makes it easier for home inspectors to jump around to different categories while on an inspection. With this new feature, you no longer have to back up to the Choose Category screen in order to select a different category. Simply tap on the Down Arrow button at the top right corner of the Edit Category screen and you'll see a window pop up with a list of the inspection categories in your report. From the list, select the category of the report you want to go to by tapping on the category name.

Change Categories from the Edit Line Screen Home Inspection Software App SaveAs Button

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