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Adding and Deleting Components on App

Date Written: 10/31/13

When using the Palm-Tech app, you are able to add additional components as they are needed for your inspection. For example, let's say you are inspecting a 3 bedroom house, but they also have an in-law suite built in the basement. You can easily add a fourth bedroom component to accommodate the additional bedroom. You also have the ability to delete an entire component in the app.

At the bottom of certain components, you will notice a button that says 'Add Another' and then the name of the component. Simply tap on the button to add another component to your category. When you add another component, the original component will collapse so you don't have to do any extra scrolling. You can always reopen the first component by tapping on the plus sign next to the component name. You are able to add as many extra components as needed.

If you need to delete a component, simply double tap on the red X next to the component location line. This will delete all lines in this component.

Add Another Component in the Palm-Tech App

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