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Adding Text to Photos

Date Written: 5/9/13

With the new Palm Tech app update 6.75g (released May 2013), you're now able to add text to the pictures you add into your report. Help your client understand the issue present by adding a short note directly on the picture. You have the option to edit the size, color, and location of the text on the photo. Please note that the text on the images may appear slightly different on your computer than they do on your app screen, since the screen on your mobile device is much smaller than your computer screen.

To add text to images on the app, you'll need to be on the Edit Picture screen. In the bottom left corner, you'll want to tap twice on the 'Red Arrow' button until a 'T' appears. From there you'll see a text box appear in the upper left corner of the screen with a menu bar directly below it. The empty box next to 'Enter Text' is the text box where you will type your text. If you tap in the box, your device's keyboard will pull up and you can type in the text you want to appear on your picture.

Add text to your photos using the Palm-Tech App

The menu bar below the text box gives you three options. The box to the left lets you choose where you want the text to be placed on the image, the middle box allows you to change the size of the text, and the box to the right adds the text to the photo. You also have the option of changing the color of the text by tapping on the box with the color square at the bottom of the screen. If you want your text to appear in a color other than the one that you see in the box, you can continue to tap the box and cycle through until you see the color of your choice. To add the text to the photo, you must tap the 'Add' button.

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