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Choosing the Right Size Device - Large Devices

Date Written: 1/16/14

So far we have discussed small mobile devices, such as smartphones, and medium sized devices, which include small tablets. Today we are going to discuss large sized devices.

Large Devices - Typically 8+ inch screen

Pros: Large Screen, Specs, Large Keyboard, Options

Cons: Camera, Portability, Price

Large sized mobile devices include tablets with an 8” screen and up. The majority of these tablets have a screen right around 10” but some tablets have a display up to 13”.

Large Tablet Options

While 13” may be too big of a device to carry around for an inspection, large tablets do have some nice benefits. First and foremost you are getting a device with a large screen that is going to make things easier to see. The large screen is also going to offer a larger keyboard, making typing easier.

With a screen this size, large tablets are not going to be as convenient to carry around as a smaller tablet and definitely not a smartphone. If you will be climbing on roofs and in crawlspaces, you’ll have to decide if you want to take a large tablet with you.

The large tablets are typically the high end model from the manufacturer, which means you’ll be getting some of the best specifications available. This is going to include processor, display, battery, etc. However, these great specs are going to come at a high price point as well. Large tablets are usually quite higher in price than their medium sized counterparts.

As with the smaller tablets, larger tablets are not going to have the best camera quality. The cameras that come with tablets are typically going to lack the quality of smartphone cameras. However, they are continuously improving in that area and should continue to do so.

Popular Large Sized Devices:

  • iPad & iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Asus Transformer Pad
  • Google Nexus 10

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