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Clearing up Space on your Cloud Drive

Date Written: 07/10/14

The Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software cloud comes with a certain amount of space. If you are using Palm-Tech 6.5, your cloud drive is 20 MB. If you are on version 7 of Palm-Tech, your cloud is 30 MB. Since the cloud is not for storage, this is plenty of space for moving your files back and forth between devices.

After using the cloud for a while, it will start to reach its limit if you do not delete old files off of it. There are multiple ways to clear up space on your cloud drive. Once your inspection file has been moved over to your PC, turned into a PDF, and delivered to your client, you no longer need the file on the cloud drive. You have a completed version of the Palm-Tech file on your PC and a PDF of the inspection, so you can delete the inspection from the cloud to clear space. You can also delete any templates and libraries from the cloud that you do not use on a regular basis.

Deleting inspection from the cloud

There are two ways to delete files from your cloud drive and we'll discuss both below:

On the PC: To delete a file from your cloud on the PC, open Palm-Tech and click on the ‘Manage Cloud Drive’ tab. Here you can select Inspections, Templates, or Libraries at the top of the window. Then simply highlight the file you want to delete listed under Cloud and click the delete button. Be sure that you are deleting files from the cloud and not from your PC.

On the App: To delete a file from your cloud on the Palm-Tech app, open the app and tap ‘File Manager’. Here you can select Inspections, Templates, or Libraries. To look at the files on the cloud, you’ll need to check the box that says ‘Look in Cloud’. Now that you are looking at the files on the cloud, simply highlight the file you want to delete and then tap ‘Delete’.

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