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Home Inspection Software - Cloud Drive

Date Written: January 2012

One of the new features of Palm-Tech 6.5 is the all new Palm-Tech Cloud Drive. This is a great feature that our clients are very excited about. This allows for effortless uploading and downloading of files from the new Palm-Tech app to the desktop and vice versa. You no longer have to deal with cables when moving your inspections/libraries/templates between devices.

Use the new Palm-Tech Cloud Drive to easily transfer your inspection files between devices

For those who are new to the term "cloud drive", a cloud drive is basically an online storage drive where you can store files. The Palm-Tech Cloud Drive is not designed to be used as permanent storage, but to send files back and forth between your desktop and your mobile device. You will use the cloud drive to move inspections, libraries, and templates back and forth. All you need is an internet/data connection and you can access your cloud from any device with Palm-Tech 6.5.

How you decide to use your personal cloud drive is up to you. You can start your inspection report on the desktop by filling out some of the General Information and then send it your cloud drive with the click of a button. Then you can access it on your iPad from the cloud. Or let's say you are out in the field and you finish your inspection on your Android tablet, simply tap 'Upload' to send the inspection to your cloud drive. If you have someone back at the office, they can go ahead and open it from the cloud to deliver, or it will be ready for you when you return to the office.

Say goodbye to cables and cords and move your inspections wirelessly with the new Palm-Tech Cloud Drive.

Here is a detailed PDF that walks through the specifics on how to setup and use the Palm-Tech Cloud Drive.

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