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Edit Category Screen

Date Written: 3/28/13

App Edit Category Screen

From the 'Choose Category' screen on the app, you can tap on any category line and you'll be taken into the 'Edit Category' screen for that category. To the left is an example of the 'Edit Category' screen you see in the Palm-Tech app.

Below is an explanation of each number you see above:

  1. Back Button - This will return you to the previous screen. In this case, the 'Choose Category' screen.
  2. Category Title - This tells you the name of the specific category you're working in.
  3. Not Applicable - Check this box to mark the category 'Not Applicable'. Categories marked 'Not Applicable' will not appear in the printed report.
  4. Tech Note - This is where you will find any tech notes you've entered for this category. You can add/delete tech notes by tapping on 'Edit'. Tech notes are specifically for you, the inspector, and will not show on the printed report.
  5. Disclaimer - This is where you can add a disclaimer for a category. You can either enter text in the box by tapping inside the text box or you can choose one from your dropdown list.
  6. Rating - This is where you will mark the condition of the line item you are inspecting. You can select the first rating by double tapping on the rating box. You can also cycle through the other ratings by continuing to double tap on the rating box until you find the proper entry.
  7. Description - This is where you can add a description, or materials, for a line item within a category by double tapping on the description box. You can also, as with ratings, cycle through the other descriptions by continuing to double tap on the box.
  8. Line Item - This is the name of the specific line in a category.
  9. Note - This is where you can enter a note for a line item. Tapping on the 'Note' button will take you to the 'Edit Line' screen that specific line item where you can then enter a note. When you've finished entering the note, you will see that the 'Note' button on the 'Edit Category' screen will then show the note you've added to the line.
  10. Photo - Once you've added a photo to a line within a category, a small photo icon will appear in the note box to let you know a picture has been added to that line.

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