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New Edit Toolbar on App

Date Written: 2/27/14

One of the new features included with Palm-Tech 7 is a new toolbar on the app that gives you the ability to edit your reports in the field. The new toolbar gives you the ability to copy, paste, rename, and delete both categories and lines in your report. This gives you more flexibility in the field when doing an inspection.

To access the new toolbar, simply press down on the edit button that appears in the menu on the Choose Category screen and on the Edit Category screen. Then drag it to the category or line you want to edit. When you let go, you will see the edit toolbar appear below the line with options.

Edit Toolbar on the App

If you come across something during the inspection that isn't already in your report, simply copy and paste a line and then rename it to add in the new inspection item. You can paste by dragging the edit button to where you want to paste and letting go. You will then see an option to paste. If you need to copy or rename a category on the fly, this is now easy to do as well.

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