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Editing Categories on the App

Date Written: 11/20/14

With the Palm-Tech app you are able to make some 'on the fly' modifications to the inspections you are filling out on your mobile device. This article is going to focus on the changes that you can make to your categories on the 'Choose Category' screen.

On the 'Choose Category' screen you are able to use the 'Edit' icon to 'Copy', 'Rename', or 'Delete' a category. Once a category has been copied you then have the ability to 'Paste' it as well. To make these changes you simply need to tap and hold on the 'Edit' icon on the toolbar and then drag the icon to the category that you want to edit. When you do this, you'll see the options available for editing the category show up immediately below the category name. To make one of the edits, simply tap on the button that you want.

  • Copy - Copy allows you to copy a category that you can then paste. Once you copy a category you can then drag the 'Edit' icon back to a different category and you'll see the option to paste the category that you just copied. The category you copied will then be pasted below the category you selected and it will have a '1' at the end of the category name. You can then drag the edit icon back down to rename it to whatever you want it called.
  • Rename - This allows you to give the category you are editing a different name.
  • Delete - This will delete that category from the inspection you are working on.
Palm-Tech App Edit Category Screen Overview

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