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Final Comments and Private Notes

Date Written: August 2012

With the Palm Tech app, you have sections for Final Comments and Private Notes that you can use to add information to the inspection. Final Comments is a place where you can add information in a report that you want your client to see, such as final summary comments. These comments will show up at the end of the report. Private Notes is a section that can be used to include notes about an inspection that won't show up on the report and your client won't see. They can then be referenced by you at a later time. Here are some tips about how to use the Final Comments and Private Notes sections.

  • You have the option to add a Final Comment or Private Note to every inspection by tapping on one of the buttons at the bottom of the Choose Category screen.
  • Each section comes with a dropdown list that you can add commonly used notes to.
Palm-Tech Choose Category Screen
  • You can add in a few words, paragraphs, or pages worth of information.

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