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5 FAQs about the Palm-Tech App: Part II

Date Written: 8/13/13

Here are 5 frequently asked questions we hear about the Palm-Tech app and their answers:

1. I've uploaded my template to the Cloud Drive, but it's not on the app. Where can I find it?
If you've made changes to a template on your PC, and then uploaded it to your Cloud Drive, you can use that template to do inspections on your app. To start a new inspection with that template on the app, tap on 'New' from the main screen of the app, and then tap on 'Cloud' from the Choose Template screen. From there, simply tap on your template file to open it.

Note: Changes to your dropdowns are included in your library file and not a template. To move your library over to the app, use the How To guide in number 3 below.

2. How do I open an inspection on the app that I've started on the desktop?
When you've started a new inspection on your PC and then sent it to the Cloud Drive, you can open that inspection on your app by clicking on 'Open' from the main screen of the Palm Tech app. Once on the Open Inspection screen, tap on 'Look in Cloud Drive,' and then from there, you can open the inspection by tapping on the file name.

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3. I've changed my ratings on the desktop, but they aren't appearing on the app. Why?
This is most likely happening because you haven't sent your library file to the app. Your library contains all of your ratings, dropdowns, disclaimers, and tech notes. To see these things on the app, you'll need to send your library file from your desktop to the app. Here is a How To that will walk you through copying the library to your app: HOW TO

4. How do I add more than one description to a line on the app?
You can add more than one description to a line by going to the Edit Line screen for that line item and tapping on the dropdown arrow next to the description box. Once the list appears, tap on the plus sign to the left of the description you want to add. For example, if you are entering information into the Driveway line on the app, you can indicate that the driveway is both concrete and gravel by tapping on the plus sign next to the descriptions.

5 I've made changes to my dropdowns on the app. How do I get those changes on my desktop computer?
When you've made changes to the dropdown lists on the app, you can send those changes to your PC by uploading your library file from the app to the Cloud Drive. To upload your library file to the Cloud Drive, tap on 'File Manager' from the main screen of the Palm-Tech app, and then tap on 'Libraries' on the File Manager screen. From there, tap on the library file to select it (it will be called Default in most cases), and then tap 'Upload.' Once you've uploaded it to the Cloud Drive, you can then download it on to your PC from Cloud Drive Management on the desktop/laptop.

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