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Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S

Date Written: July 2012

iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S III
OS Apple iOS 5 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Screen Size 3.5" 4.8"
Battery Life Up to 200 hours Up to 400 hours
Processor Dual Core Dual Core
Available RAM 512 MB 2 GB
Cameras 8 MP Rear 8 MP Rear
Videos 1080P video recording 1080P video recording
Connection Speed 3G 4G

The Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 4S are two of the most powerful smart phones on the market. The Galaxy S III runs the latest Android OS (as of July 2012) and the 4S is the latest phone from Apple. When comparing the two, some inspectors may find the Galaxy's larger screen easier to read, however, it's bulkier to carry around. Both devices have high quality built-in cameras, and can record videos. The Galaxy S III is 4G compatible while the iPhone 4S is only 3G compatible. 4G makes surfing the web and activities requiring a data connection run faster, but it also drains battery life quicker than 3G.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S

The bottom line is that there are many hardware options to choose from to use in the field, but these are two of the best. Choosing between the two will come down to each inspector deciding which one they will be more comfortable using.

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