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iOS 10 Updates

Date Written: 11/17/16

There has been one major update to iOS 10 (iOS 10.1) and there is another on the way (iOS 10.2). Let's take a look at some of the key items included in each of these.

iOS 10.1

This update was released on October 24, 2016. Here's a list some of what was added:

  • Portrait Camera Mode - This is only available with the iPhone 7+ and allows users to take pictures where the subject of the photo is in focus while the background is blurred.
  • Security Updates - These make the data on your devices more secure.
  • Updates to Maps in Japan - This only is helpful if you live in Japan (or plan on taking a trip there).
  • Bug Fixes - Every update includes the usual round of bug fixes and this one is no exception.

iOS 10.2

This update is currently in developer's beta and is expected to be available sometime in December. Here's a list of what's coming with the update:

  • New Emojis - There will be new emojis available for use.
  • Preserve Camera Settings - You will now be able to save the settings you want the camera to open with.
  • Apple TV App - This is meant to be a central hub for TV content.
  • SOS feature - This appears to be only rolling out in India but with this feature emergency services can be contacted if you press the power button more than 5 times.
  • Bug Fixes - This update includes a series of bug fixes.
iOS 10 Updates

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