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New, Newer and Out of Date

Date Written: 6/24/13

When uploading and downloading files from the Cloud Drive on your computer, you'll notice that in the advanced view the files on your Cloud Drive are sometimes followed by the words 'New File', 'Newer', or 'out of date'. Here is some information on what it means when a file on the Cloud Drive is marked as a 'New File', 'Newer', or 'out of date'.

  • New File - When it says a file on your Cloud Drive is a 'New File' it means that the file exists on the Cloud Drive, but not on the computer. This means that the file was started on the app or another computer and then uploaded to the Cloud Drive, but has not yet been downloaded to the computer you are currently working on.

  • Newer - If a file on the Cloud Drive is 'Newer', this means that a file you've started on your computer was changed on the app or another computer, and then uploaded from there to the Cloud Drive, so that the file on the Cloud Drive is newer than the file on your PC.

  • Out of Date - This means that a file that was first uploaded to the Cloud Drive was modified or saved more recently on that same computer. For example, if you have uploaded your library to the cloud and then you open an inspection and add a dropdown to one of your lists, the library currently on your cloud will now show 'out of date' because a newer version of your library exists on the PC.

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