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Organizing Apps Into Folders

Date Written: 9/19/13

When it comes to the app icons that appear on your iPhone or iPad, there are two main ways you can organize them on your screen. First, you can simply move the icon to appear anywhere on the screen you please. Second, you can group icons together and create a folder. We will discuss both options below.

Moving App Icons on iOS

Moving an icon on an iPhone or iPad is very easy. Simply hold your finger down on an app icon for a second or two until all of the icons start to shake. Once the icons are shaking, hold your finger down on an icon and drag it to wherever you want.

You can drag an icon to appear someplace different on the same screen or drag the icon to the far right or left of the screen to move the icon to a different page. You can also edit the icons that appear on the bottom menu when you swipe to a different page. Drag the icons from the menu the same way and then you can replace them with icons that you use more frequently and would like to appear on every screen.

Creating Folders on iOS

Another way to organize the apps on your iOS device is to create folders. Creating a folder will save space on your screen and it's very easy to do. A lot of people like to put similar apps into the same folder, such as a folder for work related apps or games.

To create a folder, you are going to hold your finger down on an app icon that you want to move into a folder for a second or two. Once all the icons begin to shake, drag it on top of a second app you want to include in the same folder and let go. This will add both icons to a folder and then open the folder. You can rename the folder by tapping on the name and typing something else there.

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