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Other: Articles That Focus on a Variety of Topics

Below are articles that focus on a variety of topics related to the Palm-Tech App and the hardware it runs on.

Looking for articles on specific topics?

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Smart Watches
Article that discusses smart watches.

Cloud Storage Services
Article that gives the pros and cons of some of the most popular cloud storage services.


Apple Watch Series 2
Article that discusses the new Apple Watch Series 2.


The Importance of Backing Up Your Files
Article that discusses the importance of backing up your files.


Cases to Protect your Smartphone
Article discussing different options for smartphone cases.

Protecting your Smartphone/Tablet
Article discussing how you can protect your smartphone or tablet.

7 Ways to Improve your Smartphone’s Battery Life
Article discussing 7 ways to help improve the battery life of your smartphone.

Closing out of Running Apps
Article discussing how to close running apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Android Smartwatches
Article that discusses new smartwatches running Android.

Google Drive
Article that explains the benefits of Google Drive.


Organizing Apps Into Folders - Android
Article that explains how to organize apps in to folders on Android devices.

Organizing Apps Into Folders - iPhone/iPad
Article that explains how to organize apps in to folders on the iPhone or iPad.

Other Apps
Article discussing some other useful apps for businesses.

Templates vs Libraries
Article discussing the difference between templates and libraries.


3G vs 4G
Article discussing some of the differences between 3G and 4G.

Data Plan vs. Wi-Fi
July 2012
Article discussing getting a data plan versus using Wi-Fi hot spots and internet access from a home/office.

Watching Tutorials on the Go
July 2012
Article explaining how to watch Palm-Tech's video tutorials on mobile devices.

Mobile Web Browsers
March 2012
Article with basic information about mobile web browsers.

Note: Older articles are not updated so their content may be out of date as the app and available hardware changes

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