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Palm-Tech App Updates

Date Written: 12/12/13

Updates to the Palm-Tech app will include new features, small fixes, and additional options included with the app. That is why it is important to make sure you are always running the latest update.

You can check to see what version you are currently running by going to the main screen of the Palm-Tech app (the screen with the New and Open buttons). In the top right corner, it will say what version you are on.

You can also check to see if there is an update available by going to the App Store or Play Store on your device. The App Store will have a button for 'Updates' that will let you know which apps that you have installed have an update available. In the Play Store, you can look at your installed apps and then you can see which have an update available.

Palm-Tech Update

On both iOS and Android devices, you can simply search for 'Palm-Tech' in the app store and if there is an update available it will tell you. Instead of saying 'Install' it will say 'Update'. Tap the update button to install the latest version of the Palm-Tech app.

Note: Depending on the different devices you have, there may be different updates available. For example, you may be running version 6.76f on the desktop, 6.76g on an Android device, and 6.76k on an iPhone/iPad.

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