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Palm-Tech Cloud

Date Written: 04/18/14

With Palm-Tech home inspection software, your cloud drive is used for moving files between devices. This can be moving your templates and libraries from an old PC to a new PC. Or this can be moving a finished inspection from your iPhone to your laptop. There are a number of ways to use your Palm-Tech cloud drive. Your cloud drive can be accessed from an device that has Palm-Tech installed.

Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software Cloud

If you have multiple inspectors sharing a cloud drive, each inspector would have access to the files stored there. This is helpful to share a new template or a library that has recently been updated.

Although the cloud is not intended for long-time storage, you should have no problem storing a main template or two, your library, and a few of your most recent inspections. With Palm-Tech 7, the cloud drive has increased 50% to offer you even more space on your cloud. Keep in mind that this cloud drive is specific to Palm-Tech and is not the same as the iCloud. You will need a username and password issued by Palm-Tech in order to access your cloud. The cloud is available with Palm-Tech 6.5 and Palm-Tech 7.

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