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Tech Notes

Date Written: 11/12/12

Tech Notes are included at the top of categories within the Palm-Tech program. On the Palm-Tech App, they appear at the top of each 'Edit Category Screen'. Tech Notes are a spot where you can include any information you want, and it will not show up anywhere on the printed report. This section is only seen by the inspector. This section is a great way to include information you want to keep in mind during an inspection (recalled appliances, known electrical defects, etc). Here are a few tips/notes about how to use the tech note section:

  • You can type in a few words, a couple of sentences, or pages of text.
  • The Tech Note in each category is unique and each one can contain different information.
Palm-Tech App Tech Note Button
  • In the standard Palm-Tech templates, with the exception of the General Information category, there is a Tech Note section at the top of each category.

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