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Transferring Palm-Tech to a New Device

Date Written: 12/3/15

With the Holiday season comes great deals on new technology. If you decide to take advantage of one of these deals and get a new PC, tablet, or smart phone, we want to help you get Palm-Tech onto your new device! We have HOW TOs that walk through the steps for setting up a new device, but here is a refresher on everything you will need to set one up.

The first thing you need, especially if you are installing on a new Windows device, is your setup instructions email you received from us when you first purchased the software. If you still have it then you have everything you need to install the program on a new device. If you don't still have the email then you at least need to know your Palm-Tech username and password. If you use the Palm-Tech app you can find your username and password in Settings. If you don't know your username and password, and you don't have your setup email, you will have to fill out a License Request Form online to get it resent. You can fill it out on our website here: License Request Form

To install on a new Windows device you can use the same link from your original setup email, or if you still have your username and password you can email and we can resend you the link to the latest install. After you have made sure you have everything you need to install on the new Windows device, the second part of this HOW TO will walk you through how to properly transfer your templates and libraries to the new device: How To Move Your Templates/Libraries

To install on a new iPhone/iPad or Android smart phone or tablet you simply need to know your username and password. First you'll install the Palm-Tech app from either the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed you'll simply need to input your username and password and the app will be ready to go. To make sure you have your key templates and libraries transferred to the new mobile device you can check out this HOW TO: How To Setup Palm-Tech on a New Mobile Device

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