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Updating Your Mobile Operating System

Date Written: 10/24/13

Whether it's iOS or Android, mobile devices are always receiving the latest operating system updates. When a new update is released, you will typically receive a notification on your device letting you know that there is an update available. Most of the time you can go ahead and install it right there. However, these types of updates can take a long time and sometimes even require a wi-fi connection in order to install.

One of the nice things about iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, is that they all receive the iOS updates at the same time. Apple just released their 7.0.3 update on October 22, so all devices on iOS 7 should be able to download it now.

Android works differently because there are so many different devices from different manufacturers. Android 4.3 is the latest released update and it is currently being rolled out to specific devices including the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3, among others. Other Android devices may still be waiting on the 4.2 update. Android 4.4 is expected later this year.

Once you are ready to run the latest operating system update or if you simply want to check and see if an update is available, you can do so by going to Settings on your device. The next few steps vary depending on if you are using an iOS or Android device. Follow the steps below for each:


After tapping on the Settings icon, you are going to tap on General. Then you'll tap on Software Update. Here you will be notified if there is a new update available and you can go ahead and install it.


After tapping on the Settings icon, you'll tap on About Device. Then you'll tap on Software Update (it may say something different here, like System Update for example). Here you can check for updates to see if there is an update available and then you can install it.

Keep in mind that you'll need a data or wi-fi connection in order to check for updates.

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