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Clear and Delete Buttons on App

Clear and Delete Buttons on App

Date Written: 08/07/14

The Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software app gives you the ability to clear or delete any line in your inspection report. These buttons are convenient options when filling out your inspection. We’ll discuss what each button does below. 

Clear Button

The clear button will erase all of your entries for that line. This includes the rating, description, note, and even a picture that’s been added to the line. This is useful if you’ve made a mistake and need to go back and redo the line or if you’ve copy and pasted a line and now you need to clear the data you’ve added. Tapping the clear button will save you the time of manually erasing all of the data on that line.

Delete Button

The delete button will delete that line from the open inspection. Once a line is deleted, there is no getting it back. So be sure you want to permanently delete that line from your report. When you start a new inspection, the line that you previously deleted will be back in the report. This is useful if you are looking to completely get rid of a line item that you do not need for the current inspection. If you may need the line, you also have the option to mark the line item ‘Not Applicable’ and then it won’t show in the printed report.
To make sure you don’t tap one of these buttons by mistake, you will have to confirm that you want to clear or delete the line before either action takes place.