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iOS 12 Updates

iOS 12 Updates

Date Written: 1/3/2019

iOS 12 was released on September 17th and the first major update to it, iOS 12.1, was released the end of October. This was followed up with another update on 12/5/18 of version 12.1.1. These updates included the usual array of bug fixes as well as a few new features. Below is a list of what was added:

  • Over 140 new emjois added
  • Group FaceTime is now available which means you can have up to 32 users in a single call
  • eSIM allows you to have more than one cellular plan on your phone (assuming your phone supports it which the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR do)
  • More Haptic Feedback features have been added to the XR
  • You can now adjust Depth Control on the XS and XS Max while taking a picture
  • The usual amount of bug fixes

None of the features offer a major change that would impact your inspections. However, the ability to have more than one cellular plan on a device could make it possible for inspectors who now have separate business and personal lines to combine the two into a single phone.

The next update appears to be 12.1.2 as it officially hit beta shortly after the release of 12.1.1. So far, this update appears to be mostly focused on bug fixes and more incremental changes then the new features we saw with 12.1.1.