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Not Applicable

Not Applicable

Date Written: 7/28/16

One of the options you have in Palm-Tech is to mark a line or a category as 'Not Applicable'/'NA'. This is a very helpful option to have. If you mark something as 'Not Applicable' then it will still appear on your screen, but it will not show up on the printed report. An example of when you might use this is if you are inspecting a home that doesn't have a crawl space, but you have a crawl space category in your template. Simply, mark it as 'NA' and you're all set. This helps keep your report clean and concise as it will eliminate unnecessary items from showing up on the report. Once you mark a category or line as 'NA' it will also be considered complete from a completeness check standpoint. This means the program automatically knows that you don't need to fill out any more information in the category/line.

A question we sometimes get asked is 'Is it better to mark something Not Applicable or to delete it?'. The answer is that one is not better than the other so it's up to you. Marking something 'Not Applicable' is faster and easier than deleting it which is why the option is available. Also, once you delete something from the inspection you can't get it back so in the case of making a mistake it's a lot easier to uncheck a box to make it applicable again, then it is to copy/paste an item from another inspection back into the one you are working on.