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Adding Multiple Pictures Faster

Adding Multiple Pictures Faster

Date Written: 1/11/2018

Every inspector has a different approach when it comes to how many pictures you add to your reports. Some inspectors add a handful while others add several hundred. Regardless of how many you add, there will be times when you need to add multiple pictures to a single line. This could be because an item has multiple issues you want to show, or maybe you want to document the same issue from a few different angles to give your client a better idea of what the issue is. Version 8 of Palm-Tech makes it easier then ever to add multiple pictures to a single line in the Palm-Tech app.

Right after you take a picture in the app there is a new screen that appears which gives you several options. These options are explained below:

  • Take another picture - Tapping this icon will bring up your camera and allow you to take another picture which will get added to the same line.
  • Add a picture from the camera roll - Tapping this icon will bring up all the pictures on your device and allow you to locate the picture you would like to add.
  • Edit the Picture - Tapping this icon will take you to the screen where you can edit your picture. Your edit options include: Changing the size, rotating it, and adding circles/arrows/text.
  • Delete the picture - Tapping this icon will delete the picture you just took so that it does not appear in your report.

If you want to add multiple pictures to a line all you have to do is tap the 'Camera' icon and then take an additional picture. You can do this as many times as you need to add in all the pictures that you want. This will save you time over how it has worked in the past.