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Android 9 Pie Tips

Android 9 Pie Tips

Date Written: 3/28/2019

There are so many little things you can do with your mobile device that you might not even realize! This article looks at 5 tips when using devices with Android 9 Pie.

Adaptive Battery - This is a setting available in the Battery tab of the Settings app. If its turned on then your device will adapt to what apps you use and limit battery consumption by 'less important apps'. Here is how Google describes the feature: “To extend battery life, Adaptive Battery limits battery for infrequently used apps. Your phone will learn how you use apps over time. Notifications may be delayed for these apps. That means your phone will actually be able to increase battery life over time as the system shifts priority to only the apps you use the most.”

Better/Faster Screenshots - You can now take faster screenshots by holding down your device's power button and then pressing the new Screenshot option. This makes screenshots with one hand easy and you also have new options for making quick edits to a screenshot once you capture it.

App Time Limits - You can see how much time you are spending in each app, set time limits for those apps and even see how often you check your phone. With everyone spending more and more time on digital devices it's good to have options to put some controls in place (if desired).

Screen Rotate Control - If you turn off the 'Auto-rotate screen' option in Settings (Display -> Advanced) then you now have the option to rotate the screen on-demand. Instead of having your screen rotate on its own, whenever it detects you might want to rotate it a small icon appears in the corner of the screen that you can tap to rotate the screen. This isn't for everyone, but if you get really aggravated when your device's screen rotates at the wrong times then this is for you.

Notifications - There is a lot you can do with notifications in Android 9 Pie. Some of these options include:

  • If you long press an alert you can have it stop future notifications
  • Shut down an app straight from a notification
  • You can see how many notifications each of your apps send you by going to the Notification section in Settings
  • You can customize what Notifications come through when your device is in 'Do Not Disturb' mode