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iPad Tips

iPad Tips

Date Written: May 2012

The iPad has been around for several years and is continuing to grow in its popularity. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that some iPad owners might not know about.

  1. Multitasking Bar - Let's say you are surfing the internet on your iPad, waiting for the real estate agent to show up. All of a sudden the agent gets there and you need to open your Palm-Tech app to start your inspection. Now you could tap the Home button and then swipe over to find your Palm-Tech app, but that is the hard way. If you have recently had the Palm-Tech app open, you can simply select it from the multitasking bar. This bar shows all of the apps that you currently have open on your iPad. There are two ways to quickly access the multitasking bar. First, simply place four fingers on the screen and slide them up. Second, just quickly double tap the Home button. This will reveal the bar at the bottom of the screen where you can open your Palm-Tech app.  As a bonus tip, you are able to close an app from the multitasking bar by holding your finger down on the app icon. The icons will then begin to shake and a red circle will appear for each. To close an app, simply tap on the red circle for that icon. When you are finished, tap the Home button.
  2. Cycle through your running Apps - To switch back and forth between apps you could use the multitasking bar that we discussed above, but there is also another way. If you happen to be going back and forth between two apps, this way may work better for you. To switch to another open app or cycle through your apps, simply place four fingers on the screen and swipe either to the left or right.
  3. Return to the Home Screen - When you have an app open and would like to return to the home screen, everyone knows you can just press the Home button. But that's boring and isn't nearly as fun. Another option is to place five fingers on the screen and then pinch them together. This will return you to the home screen and impress others in the process.
  4. Split Keyboard - When holding the iPad with two hands, typing can be cumbersome at times. Make it easier on yourself by splitting the keyboard in half so that you can easily type with your thumbs while still holding the iPad. To split the keyboard into two, bring up your keyboard, press both thumbs on the keyboard and then drag each to the sides of the iPad. If you want to put the keyboard back together, simply do the opposite and slide your thumbs to the center.
  5. Take a Screenshot - If you ever need or want to capture what is showing on your iPad screen, you have the ability to take a screenshot. To take a screenshot, hold the Home button and press the Power button. You will see a white flash and hear the camera noise to let you know it was captured. The screenshot will automatically be saved in your Camera Roll.

This list contains just 5 of the cool tips and tricks you can do with the Apple iPad. Master these and you'll be on your way to being an iPad expert in no time!