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New Review 'View'

New Review 'View'

Date Written: 3/5/2020

Version 9 of Palm-Tech includes a brand new app. Navigation in the app has been updated so that you can easily navigate between different 'Views' which makes getting to where you want fast. One of the views that has been added is a Review view. This is the third option on the navigation bar.

When you go to this view you will have several ways to review your inspection. At the top you will see a list of any item in the inspection that has not been completed, and below that, you'll see a list of items that are set to go to the summary. At the bottom you'll see the pictures you've added to your inspection. You can easily scroll across to get to the pictures you want.

Having all these options in a single view makes it much easier and faster to review. You can tap on any item in the lists (or on a picture) to see more details about it and going through these details with your client can be very helpful.

Here is a recap on what each of these options do:

Summary Review - The Summary Review option allows you to see in one spot all items that were marked with a rating that a summary is created for. With the standard ratings this will be all items that are marked Marginal or Defective. When you tap on the 'Summary Review' icon it will list all the summary items and break them into sections based on each rating. When you select an item, it will show the description you entered, any notes you typed in, as well as, any pictures that were added to the line. You can switch from item to item by tapping on the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons, or you can simply tap directly on the item you want to review. This tool is great for reviewing issues on-site with your client or simply doing a final run through of the issues yourself.

Completeness Check – The Completeness Check option allows you to see a list of every line in the inspection that has not been completed. This helps give you confidence that you didn’t forget to fill something out. You can simply tap on the line to go straight to it and then fill out the necessary information to complete it. Once complete, you can tap 'Back' which will take you back to the list of other lines that need to be filled out.

Picture Review - The Picture Review option allows you to review all of the pictures added to your inspection. By tapping on the Previous and Next buttons you can quickly scroll through all the pictures in the inspection. This can be helpful to go over with your client or on your own.