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Samsung Galaxy 7 Note- 'Exploding' Battery

Date Written: 2/9/2017

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored to be ready for launch and release by the end of April we thought we would take a look back at the 'exploding battery' issues that initially plagued and ultimately doomed the Note 7.

What happened?

The Note 7 was initially released on August 19, 2016. Shortly after release there were reports from some consumers stating that their Note 7 would catch fire or 'explode'. Samsung began investigating and traced the problem back to a design flaw in the battery. Less than two weeks later (on September 2nd) Samsung suspended sales and announced an exchange program where Note 7 owners could exchange their current device for a new one that would come with a battery that did not pose the risk of 'exploding'.

As if the initial issue with the battery wasn't bad enough, in October there were several incidents where Note 7 owners who had the replacement phone, had their phone catch fire. This included one incident where a phone began 'smoking and popping' prior to takeoff on an airplane. These issues with the replacement battery led to a second recall, and on October 11, 2016, Samsung announced it would permanently end production of the Note 7.

The Aftermath
People who bought a Note 7 were able to return them for a refund. Samsung took a major hit with consumer 'trust' as many will be weary of purchasing another Samsung phone in the future. They also took a major financial hit. However, Samsung has maintained that they learned a lot and that batteries will be better in the future as a result. They've also not given up on the Note series as many other companies may have done, and many believe that the Note 8 will be one of the best mobile devices we've seen.

Only time will tell if consumers will forgive Samsung for the issues surrounding the Note 7. But, the best thing Samsung can do to make sure this happens is release a spectacular phone that is issue free.