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Entering Your Cloud Drive Credentials

Entering Your Cloud Drive Credentials

Date Written: 11/20/12

Your login for your Palm-Tech cloud drive will be issued to you when you are set up with version 6.5 of Palm-Tech. This login information is specific to you and will allow you access to your cloud drive, which you will use to move files back and forth between the Palm-Tech app and the Palm-Tech program on your desktop/laptop. Your username and password are case sensitive and must be typed in exactly how they appear in the email.

To access your Cloud Drive, you'll need to enter your login information in Palm-Tech on your desktop/laptop and on the app. From the desktop, you'll want to open the Palm Tech program, and click on Setup > Program Settings. Here you'll enter the username and password at the bottom of the window. Once entered, click 'Test' to confirm the information has been entered correctly.

On the app, you'll want to tap on File Manager from the opening screen, and then tap on Settings. You'll see in this window a spot for your username and password. Once again, click on 'Test Connection' to make sure you entered the login information correctly. In order to test the connections on both devices, you will need an internet/data connection.