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Checking Your Available Device Storage

Checking Your Available Device Storage

Date Written: 12/17/15

It is always helpful to know how much available storage you have on your device. One of the biggest reasons is that the speed and reliability of your phone/tablet (and the apps you run) can be negatively impacted if you don't have enough storage available. If your device is getting low on memory, clearing off no longer used Apps or Files can help make it run faster and more dependably.

Below are the steps for checking how much available storage you have on your Android or iOS device.

From the home screen, press the menu button, choose Settings, then Storage. (It might be called SD Card & Phone Storage, or something slightly different depending on your device). There you will see the amount of space remaining on your internal (or program) storage and microSD card. (if the phone has one)

From your Home Screen, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. You will find stats for the total space available as well as total space used. A breakdown of space usage by app is also included to help you determine which apps are using the most storage on your iOS device.