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Old Devices vs New Devices

Old Devices vs New Devices

Date Written: 5/21/15

With the rapid rate of development and change with mobile devices, devices become out of date very fast. That doesn't mean you have to buy a new device every year, or even every other year, BUT it's important to recognize that if a device is 'only' two years old that most likely there are two newer generations of the same device, and that by technology standards it is old.

This is important to keep in mind when it comes to what hardware you use for your reporting software. There can be a big difference in the speed and performance of an app when you compare how it runs on a new device versus one that is several years old. For example, the difference between how fast and smooth Palm-Tech runs on the newest iPad versus the 2nd generation iPad (4 years old) is huge. If you have an older device and find that apps are running slow on it then it may be worth looking into upgrading to a newer device. If the slowness of a device is adding 5-10 minutes onto an inspection and getting a newer device can save you that time, how many inspections does it take to pay for itself?

Not only can you get better performance out of a newer device from an overall speed standpoint, but as newer models are released they consistently come with other improvements such as: improved cameras for better picture quality, better screens which make the easier to read, and better build quality which adds to device durability.

If you have an older device and it does exactly what you need it to, then there might not be a reason to change devices. However, if you have an older device and it's slowing you down, take a look at some of the newer options and you might find that you're better off upgrading.