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Hardware Accessories

Hardware Accessories for Home Inspectors

Date Written: April 2012

While performing a home inspection, an inspector can find themselves on a roof, in an attic, or in a crawl space. Because of these conditions, and the nature of being a home inspector, it is important to have the necessary accessories for your hardware in the field.

Cases/Screen Protectors
With many home inspectors using portable hardware such as smartphones, tablets, and handheld computers, it is important to protect your device with some kind of case. A case is important for potential falls, as well as, everyday wear and tear that is expected. If a home inspector is using a smartphone or tablet, then a screen protector is a must. This will help prevent scratches and other damage to the display on the device.

When using technology in the field to complete an inspection, you are depending entirely on that device, and that device depends entirely on its battery. Having a battery die in the middle of an inspection is detrimental to your work. If your device has a replaceable battery, we recommend having a backup (or two) so that if your battery dies or is close to dying, you're covered. Just swap out the battery and continue inspecting. A car charger is also a good idea for any home inspector. This way whenever you are on your way to or from an inspection, you can be charging your hardware at the same time.

Docking Station
A docking station can be a great feature, especially if using a smartphone or tablet. A docking station allows you to hook your device up to a larger screen, making it easier to work on your report. Some also come with keyboards, making it much easier to type those notes and final comments. A docking station typically will charge your device at the same time as well.

Holster/Hand Strap
When using a smartphone, handheld computer, or even a small tablet, a holster is a good idea for any home inspector. A holster allows them to secure their device and give them the freedom to use both hands. It will also be beneficial to an inspector needing to climb a ladder or enter a crawlspace. For inspectors using a tablet, they may want to look into a case with a hand strap. With tablets ranging from 5" - 10", they can be difficult to hold with one hand. A case with a hand strap allows an inspector to strap it to one hand, while keeping their other hand free to enter their inspection information on the tablet.