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iPhone Tips

iPhone Tips

Date Written: 12/1/16

It has been awhile since we've written an article with tips and tricks on mobile devices. Here are a few tips and tricks that you might not know for the iPhone. These are only available with iOS 10.

  • Change the Flashlight Brightness - You can bring up a 'flashlight' on your iPhone in the Control Center (this is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of your phone). Long press on the flashlight to decide if you want Low Light, Medium Light, or Bright Light.
  • Send Hidden Messages - You can send a message with 'invisible ink'. To do this, 3D touch on the send button (or long press) after typing your message and you'll see several options. Simply select 'Invisible Ink'.
  • Quick Access Key Setting - Use 3D touch on the Settings app and get quick access to your Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular Data and Battery settings.
  • Collaborate on Notes - A new share icon in the top right of the Notes app allows you to send links to people inviting them to join the note. Everyone who is shared on the note can edit it and see changes in real time.
  • Virtual Magnifying Glass - If you turn on the Magnifier setting (Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier) you can turn your phone into a virtual magnifying glass by triple tapping on the home button.