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Working with Dropdowns

Working with Dropdowns

Date Written: 10/4/2018

One of the best ways to save time when putting together your home inspection reports is by cutting down on the amount of typing you do. You can do this by having your common descriptions, notes, comments, etc, in dropdown lists. Once in the dropdown list, you can tap on the desired entry instead of taking the time to type it out each time you need it.

Palm-Tech makes working with dropdown lists easy. It comes with thousands of comments/notes already setup in the program and gives you full control to customize the lists how you want. Taking the time to customize your lists will save you time in the long run. There are four basic customizations you can make to your dropdown lists: Adding an item, Deleting an item, Renaming/Rewording an item, and Rearranging the order of items in a list. Below we'll take a quick look at how to make each of these four changes on the app.

NOTE: To make these changes you first need to be on the 'Edit List' screen of the dropdown you want to modify. You can get to this screen by tapping on the dropdown list you want to modify and then tapping on 'Edit' in the bottom right corner of the list.

Add - You can add as many items to each dropdown as you like. To add an item, simply tap in the empty box at the bottom of the 'Edit List' screen and begin typing the new item you want to add. Once finished, tap on 'Add New' and it will be added to your list. To add another item repeat the process.

Delete - To delete an item from a list, tap on the item to highlight it. Once it is highlighted, simply tap the 'Delete' button and the item will be deleted from the list.

Rename/Reword - You can rename/reword an item to get it exactly how you want. To do this, tap on the item in the list. This will highlight the item and bring up its text in the Edit box at the bottom. Simply tap in the Edit box and make the desired changes.

Rearrange - To rearrange the order of lines you can use the Up and Down arrows on the right of the screen. All you have to do is tap on the item you want to move to highlight it, and then tap the arrows to move it in the direction you want it moved.