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Giving an Inspection File a New Name

Giving an Inspection File a New Name

Date Written: 3/10/2016

There may be times where you want to give a new name to an inspection file you've already been working on. The Palm-Tech app makes this easy. One of the buttons at the top of the 'Choose Category' screen is 'SaveAs'. This button is towards the right so you may need to scroll across the bar to see it.

If you tap on this button a box will appear that asks you to 'Enter New File Name'. Here you can type in the new name for the file and once finished tap on Save. Once you do this you will have a new copy of the inspection file you had open with the new name. This will allow you to make changes to the new copy of the file while leaving the previous version intact.

Here are a few examples of when you might do this:

  • When conducting a reinspection on a house it can be easier to modify the file you already created versus creating a new blank one.

  • Team inspections where you want each file done by each inspector to have a slightly different name so you can combine them afterwards.