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Updated Edit Category Screen Overview

Updated Edit Category Screen Overview

Date Written: 11/13/14

The 'Edit Category' screen is one of the 3 main screens in the Palm-Tech app. On this screen you can navigate between categories, fill out information and enter the 'Edit Line' screen. The 'Edit Category' screen has been updated and improved several times and the picture above is the current layout.

Below is an explanation of each of the key items on the screen.

  1. Line Prompt - This is the prompt for the line. You can tap on the prompt to enter the 'Edit Line' screen.
  2. Rating - This is where you will mark the condition of the line item you are inspecting. You can select the first rating by double tapping on the rating box. You can also cycle through the other ratings by continuing to double tap on the rating box until you find the proper entry.
  3. Category Selector - When you tap and hold the slider on this bar you can drag it from left to right to navigate to a different category in the inspection. As you move the slider, it will tell you what category you will be taken to.
  4. Edit Icon - You can tap, hold and then drag this icon to a line in the category that you would like to 'Copy', 'Rename', or 'Delete'.
  5. Back Button - This will return you to the previous screen. In this case, the 'Choose Category' screen.
  6. Disclaimer - This is where you can add a disclaimer for a category. You can either enter text in the box by tapping inside the text box or you can choose one from your dropdown list.
  7. Tech Note - This is where you will find any tech notes you've entered for this category. You can add/delete tech notes by tapping on 'Edit'. Tech notes are specifically for you, the inspector, and will not show on the printed report.
  8. Category Title - This tells you the name of the specific category you're working in.
  9. Category Navigation Arrows - You can tap on these two arrows to either navigate to the category before or after the one you are currently viewing.
  10. Description - This is where you can add a description, or materials, for a line item within a category by double tapping on the description box. You can also, as with ratings, cycle through the other descriptions by continuing to double tap on the box.
  11. Note - This is where you can enter a note for a line item. Tapping on the 'Note' button will take you to the 'Edit Line' screen that specific line item where you can then enter a note. When you've finished entering the note, you will see that the 'Note' button on the 'Edit Category' screen will then show the note you've added to the line.