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Setting Default Disclaimers

Setting Default Disclaimers

Date Written: 1/31/2019

At the top of each Category (Lots and Grounds, Exterior, Bathroom, etc) you have the ability to add a 'Disclaimer'. Disclaimers are a great way to include additional information in a report for your client, such as, what you do and do not cover in your inspection or general information about a particular area that would be valuable for your client to know (maintenance tips, etc).

You can type out the disclaimer each inspection, but since this is something that typically stays the same, we recommend setting up 'Default Disclaimers'. When you set up a default disclaimer you only have to enter the disclaimer once. You can then save it so that it will be like that on all your inspections moving forward. Of course, you can always change/update it if you need to, but to the extent it’s the same each time there is no reason to do duplicate effort.

You can easily set up default disclaimers on both the app or the PC. All you have to do is tap on the 'Disclaimer' icon and enter the language you want (if you already have this typed up somewhere then copy/paste works great). Once you have the language in, simply tap the 'Make Default Disclaimer' button and you'll be all set.

NOTE: If you set them up on the PC and want to move them to the app then you'll need to move your library file from the PC to the app using the cloud drive.