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Adding a Line on the App

Adding a Line on the App

Date Written: 5/29/14

While on an inspection you may come across an item that you need to add into your report that is not already part of your template. With the new edit toolbar in version 7 of the Palm-Tech app, you now have the ability to add a new line for the item.

To add a new line to your report on the app, you'll simply use the edit button to copy and paste a line. Then use the edit button again to rename the line to whatever you need to add. Follow the steps below for step-by-step instructions:

  1. Drag the edit button to the line you want to copy and tap ‘Copy’.
  2. Drag the edit button to where you want to paste the new line and tap ‘Paste’.
  3. Next, drag the edit button to the pasted line and tap ‘Rename’.
  4. Rename the line to be whatever you want to add into the report.
  5. Now that the line is in the report, fill it out like you normally would.