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What Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software Users Are Saying.....

Thousands of home inspectors use Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software everyday for their inspections. Below are videos and quotes from inspectors saying why they love the program.

If you haven't made the decision to use Palm-Tech for your home inspections then get started today! We have a no risk guarantee where you can return the software within 30 days for any reason if it's not working out. You can order online by calling us at (888)736-2462 or online from here: Get Started Today!

I have been in business for 5 years. I have already used Palm-Tech. I am moving to Version 7 and Palm-Tech is a very effective Home Inspection Software and I highly recommend it. 
- Ken Clouse, Clouse Inspection Services

I like using the app to speak my notes, take my pictures, and it's automatically in the report!
- Patrick Baronsky, Inspection Pros

Palm-Tech has helped my business grow by getting me referrals. My clients get the report onsite. It is convenient for clients and agents and everyone all around.
- Matt Smith, Ace Home Inspections of Upstate New York

Thanks to Palm-Tech I spend less time at my desk and more time with my family.
- Kevin Barry, Orion Home Inspections

I wouldn't be as far along with any of the other programs because of your great help and support.
- Sammy Bingham, Pike Home Inspections Inc.

I have looked at a lot of other software products over the years and I have never found anything that has compared with Palm-Tech's ease of use and flexibility.
- Steve McNamee, Homecheck Inspection Service

I'm not a computer guy and I know I can get a hold of someone when I need help. I can't say enough about Palm-Tech's customer service.
- Curt Pohlman, Polhman Building Inspections

My company grew like crazy through referrals because other agents loved my report by Palm-Tech.
- Kevin Nichols, PTI Home Inspections

I was hesitant to use computers for my reports. Now after using Palm-Tech I can't imagine doing a report without it and I wish I would have started sooner.
- Steve Pruitt, Pruitt Property Inspection, Inc.

I was blown away by all the capabilities in Palm-Tech. Not only did the software save me time, but it made me a better inspector. I can be confident that my reports are better than my competitors.
- Glenn Welch Esq., PE., Welch Engineering, LLC

The system just works for me. Palm-Tech enables me to provide the report I want in far less time. The format is easy to read, the software is flexible and I can add pictures.
- Maury Drummey, G.C. Housing Evaluation Service

I went from spending an hour and a half after the inspection to create my reports to now, where in 10-15 minutes my report is done and emailed off to my clients. Because of the fact that my clients know what to expect from me I've been to establish myself in the area and create concrete business relationships.
- Paul Reichle, Missouri Property Inspections, LLC

No question, Palm-Tech has made my reports more professional. I'm proud of every inspection I send out. And my clients are pleased.
- Fred Freer, Four Square Home Inspections

Palm-Tech is head and shoulders above their competition. I love how thorough the reports are, and their technical support is amazing when I need it. The 'other guys' support was practically non-existent, and the support they had was unprofessional.
- Frank Evans, Evans Inspection Service

I save hours per report with Palm-Tech. Everyone loves the report they receive and my schedule is booked with no additional marketing. I can't say enough about how much I love Palm-Tech.
- Dale Macko, I-4 Detail Inspection Services

Palm-Tech gives me a big time advantage over my competitors. My Palm-Tech report blows them all away and my business continues to grow.
- Samuel Vasquez, Pro-Spect Inspection Services

If Palm-Tech wasn't such an amazing product we wouldn't have stayed with it for 11 + years. I have literally called Palm-Tech from a rooftop and got a live person to talk to. That kind of service keeps me referring Palm-Tech.
- Lisa and Calvin Parker, Parker Safety Inspection Services, LLC

Having the Palm-Tech reporting system has help keep me busy all year long with inspections. 90% of my monthly inspections come from past clients and whenever I trace it back, they say they refer me because of the professional and detailed report I deliver. Thank you Palm-Tech!
- Steven Chioda, Clearview Home Inspections

I have saved $1200 so far by not having to buy reports and the number keeps growing. With Palm-Tech I only had to pay once and that's it.
- Mark Sullivan, Sullivan Inspection Service LLC

I would not be able to do what I do if it weren't for Palm-Tech. Palm-Tech gives me the ability to meet any scenario I come across when inspecting and my clients love the reports because they are customized to fit the property.
- Ken Enochs, KE Realty Service

After doing inspections one way I was nervous to switch to any software program. But I'm glad I jumped in with Palm-Tech because it has been easy to adjust to. Palm-Tech rocks!
- Robert L. Smith, Action Home Inspections, LLC

Palm-Tech is the single most important part of my inspection business aside from my own experience and knowledge.
- Barry Rodgers, Golden State Home Inspection Group

Biggest thing I liked is having the flexibility to setup the report the way I want. I wanted the report to be a certain way and I was able to do that with Palm-Tech.
- Paul Wancacta, Inspections Unlimited

I can make Palm-Tech look how I want. It was major hassle to make changes in my old software. With Palm-Tech it's easy.
- Frank Pascarella, Frank Pascarella, LLC dba Eye Inspect

I looked at several other programs and bought Palm-Tech. This was the best thing I ever did.
- Gene Whiting, Certified Building Inspection

I would recommend to any home inspector. My clients and realtors love the reports generated with this software and its ease of use. It makes me look like a computer guru!!! Thanks for a great product, it was worth the money!!!!
- Jeff Allison, Allison Property Inspections

Palm-Tech is very user friendly and intuitive. I have really enjoyed attending the recent webinars and the support staff is great.
- Clyde Torvik, Right Time Inspection, LLC

What I like most about Palm-tech is its ease of use and how convenient it is to add items to the dropdown library for future inspections.
- Jeff Kunkle, Bayside Home Inspections

The ability to customize Palm-Tech and make it my own allows me to distinguish myself from my competition. I am able to deliver a report that is unique from everyone else including other Palm-Tech users.
- Chris Vick, Reliant Home Inspection, LLC

Purchasing Palm-Tech helped my new business get off to a confident start.
- Roy Crayton, Checkpoint Home Inspection, LLC

I also really like Palm- Tech software. By far the best investment I ever made. The report sell themselves, I tripled my business last year all thanks to my amazing looking reports. I don't even advertise or have a website yet...it's crazy.
- Brandon Meade, Assurance Home Inspections

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