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Adding a Cover Page Photo

Adding a Cover Page Photo on the App

Date Written: May 2012

With the Palm-Tech app, you are able to use the built-in camera on your device to capture photos for your report, including a photo for the cover page.

To add a cover page on the app, you must have the option turned on in Settings. From the main screen of the app, you can access the Settings by tapping on File Manager in the top right corner and then Settings. Here you will see an option that says ‘Take Cover Page Photo’. With this option checked, you will now have a category called ‘Cover Page Photo’ at the top of your category list, when you have an inspection open on the app. When you tap on the category, your camera will automatically open. Then all you need to do is snap the photo, confirm the picture, and you’re done. When you transfer the inspection file from the app back to your main computer the cover page photo will be ready to go.