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Updated Choose Category Screen

Updated Choose Category Screen

Date Written: 11/22/2018

In the last article we took a look at the updated options on the ‘Settings’ screen in the Palm-Tech app. In this one, we’ll tackle the ‘Choose Category’ screen. There are some new options on this screen from the last time we did an overview of it, but even the options that are the same look different since we switched from using buttons to icons. The switch to icons has given the app a cleaner look and allows more options to fit on the screen at once.

The ‘Choose Category’ screen is one of the most important screens in the app. This is where you select what category/section you want to work on, and this is where you go to do things like: email finished reports, upload reports to move to a different device, review the inspection, rename and more!

Let’s take a look at what each item on this screen does:

  1. Category List - This is a list of all of the categories in the open inspection. You can navigate to a category by tapping on it.
  2. Progress Indicator - As a category is filled out, a yellow progress indicator will appear in the category list showing how much of the section has been completed.
  3. Email Button - This button will turn the report into a PDF and send an email of the PDF to your email address which you can then forward to where it needs to go.
  4. Back Button - Tapping this button will take you to the previous screen.
  5. Upload - This button will upload the open inspection to your cloud drive.
  6. Summary Review - This allows you to review all of the items that were marked with a rating that indicates there was an issue.
  7. Completeness Check – This will show you any item that has not been filled out in the report.
  8. Picture Review - This allows you to review all of the pictures you added to this inspection.
  9. Final Comments/Private Notes - This allows you to edit/view your Final Comments and Private Notes for the inspection.
  10. Save As - This lets you give the file a new name.
  11. Screen Name – This lets you know the name of the screen you are on in the app.
  12. Settings - This takes you to the Settings screen where you can change various settings related to the app.