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Templates vs Libraries

Templates vs Libraries

Date Written: 1/10/13

When making changes in Palm-Tech and moving these changes to other devices you will be working with two items, a template and a library. It is important to understand what template and library files contain so that you are able to correctly move files back and forth between the Palm-Tech app and your PC as you make changes.

A template is the structure, or the form, you use to create your inspection. For example, Small House and Condo are two templates that come with the program. Your library consists of items used within templates such as your Ratings, Descriptions, Notes, etc. Each template uses one library, however, one library can be shared across multiple templates. This is done so that your dropdown lists, ratings, etc, only have to be updated once, and can then be used for more than one template.

See below for a complete breakdown of what is included with each:
The following changes will be contained in your template. You will need to move your template over to see these changes on the app:

  • Any change to your Category list (Lots and Grounds, Exterior, new categories you've added, etc.)
  • Order of categories
  • Names of categories
  • Any change to line items (Driveway, Walks, new lines you've added, etc.)
  • The order of lines in your categories

The following changes are contained in your library (typically Default.ptlix). You will need to move your library over to see these changes on the app:

  • Any dropdowns you have added/deleted to your note lists
  • Any dropdowns you have added/deleted to your description lists
  • Any change to your rating set (Acceptable, Defective, etc.)
  • Default note colors for certain ratings
  • Tech Notes
  • Disclaimers