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iOS 12 Tips

iOS 12 Tips

Date Written: 3/14/2019

About once a year we try to put out a few articles with tips and tricks for the latest mobile operating systems. This week we're focusing on iOS 12 and we'll tackle Android OS in a future article.

Below are 5 tips for using iOS 12:

Password Autofill -  iOS12 has a helpful feature called Autofill that makes managing your passwords easier. You can use it to generate strong passwords for you when needed, as well as, use it to store your passwords for specific websites and apps. If you have a password stored there then when it comes time to enter it you can simply use Touch ID or Face ID and the password will automatically be entered for you. You can turn this feature on by going to Settings - > Passwords & Accounts.

Screen Time - This allows you to monitor how much time your spending on your phone and how you are spending it. It tracks what apps you use (and for how long), how many times you pick up your phone to look at it and more. It also gives you the ability to set time limits, content filters and schedule 'Downtime' to restrict usage during certain times. You can access this by going to Settings -> Screen Time.

Notifications - Notifications now grouped. You can choose to have them automatically grouped based on context or have them grouped based on app. This helps keep your notifications cleaner and easier to manage as you won't have to scroll through 10 notifications from the same app you don't want, to see the one notification from the app you want to see. You can also set notifications to be 'Delivered Quietly'.

Battery Usage Information - You can see a ton of information about your battery usage by going to Settings -> Battery. You can see the level of your battery charge over the last 24 hours, how much battery usage was done for different apps, how much battery was used with your screen on vs off, and more.

Measure App - There is a Measure app that you can use to measure objects. It's not perfect so you don't want to use it when precise measurements are needed, but it does a solid job. You can open the app, follow the steps provided and use it to measure what you need. If you need a quick measurement and don't have a tape measure lying around then this app can help. On a side note, the app also includes a level.