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Android Smartwatches

Android Smartwatches

Date Written: 4/3/14

Google recently announced Android Wear, which is a version of their Android operating system created specifically for wearable devices. Google is focusing on using Android Wear starting with smartwatches. Several companies are beginning to get into the smartwatch market, including LG, Samsung, and Motorola among others.

It’s still early with the development of smartwatches, but early signs are promising. Smartwatches will interact directly with your smartphone and allow you to receive text messages, emails, and other notifications directly on your watch. Some watches also give you the ability to make and receive calls, set reminders, get directions, and access news and weather information.

Early smartwatches looked like something from the future and were not very user friendly. However, recent updates have made smartwatches look more like regular watches and something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to actually wear on your wrist. With Android Wear, Google is also showing a commitment to wearable devices running an operating system that will really allow smartwatches to reach their potential. Home inspectors could benefit from a smartwatch because it would allow them to keep working and inspecting, but they could also see incoming calls, messages, and upcoming appointments. It’s still early for wearable technology, but it is something to definitely keep an eye on.