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iPad Accessories

iPad Accessories

Date Written: 5/2/13

There are several cool hardware options available for use with the Apple iPad. Here are 4 accessories that work with the iPad that Apple users may not know about.

  1. Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader - If you prefer to take pictures with a digital camera while you're out on an inspection, then this cord makes it a snap for you to enter those pictures into a report you've entered data into on your iPad. This adapter will simply import pictures from your camera's SD card into your iPad's camera roll, and from there you can enter those pictures into the Palm Tech app. The Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader also works with the iPad Mini.
  2. Lightning to USB Camera Adapter - When you take pictures on your digital camera during an inspection, you also have the option to download those pictures to your iPad straight from your camera with the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. You can connect your digital camera to your iPad using this cord and import pictures directly from your digital camera into your Camera Roll. Once those pictures are on your iPad you can then add them into your Palm Tech app. This adapter works with the iPad Mini as well.
  3. iPad Smart Cover/Smart Case - These two covers for the iPad have all of the same cool features, except one of them just attaches as a cover for the device's screen, and the other is a hard case that surrounds the entire device. Both cases can function as a stand for your iPad and also wake or put the device to sleep when opened or closed. Smart Covers and Smart Cases are also available for iPad Mini.
  4. Apple Wireless Keyboard - This cable free keyboard from Apple uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPad. You can use the keyboard anywhere within range of your device, so you can type with the keyboard in your lap or in front of your iPad.