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App Review Tools

App Review Tools

Date Written: 12/10/12

The latest update for the Palm Tech app (as of December 2012) features two new tools for reviewing your inspections in the field. The Summary Review and Picture Review options can be found in the row of buttons at the top of the Choose Category screen.

Summary Review
The Summary Review allows you to see in one spot all items that were marked with a rating that a summary is created for. With the standard ratings, this will be all items that are marked Marginal or Defective. When you click on the 'Review' button on the Choose Category screen it will list all the summary items and break them into sections based on each rating. When you select an item, it will show the description you entered, any notes you typed in, as well as, any pictures that were added to the line. You can switch from item to item by tapping on the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons, or you can simply tap directly on the item you want to review. This tool is great for reviewing issues on-site with your client or simply doing a final run through on the issues for yourself.

Picture Review
The Picture Review too allows you to quickly review all of the pictures added into your inspection. By tapping on the Previous and Next buttons in the Review Picture screen, you can quickly scroll through the pictures within the inspection.