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Using Custom Templates on the App

Using Custom Templates on the App

Date Written: 5/14/15

With Palm-Tech you are able to create your own custom templates and create as many as you would like. While you are able to make basic changes to an inspection on the app such as copy/paste/rename/delete lines and categories, making permanent changes and creating your own templates is done on the PC. Once a template has been created on the PC you can easily send it over to the app for use.

When sending your custom template over to the app for use there are two key files involved. The first is the actual template file and the second is the library file associated with the template. The template file contains all of the line and category information while the library file contains all of your dropdown information, rating information and disclaimers. What this means is that most of the time when you create a new template on the PC that you want to use on the app, you'll need to send both your new template and your library file (for most inspectors this file is called Default.ptlix) to the app so that all of the changes you made come over.

You can send your template and library files to the app by going to the Manage Cloud Drive screen on the PC. Once you send them to your cloud drive you'll simply need to download the files from your cloud drive to your mobile device and you'll be set to use your custom template on the app.