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Adding Pictures

Adding Pictures

Date Written: May 2012

Home inspectors are always looking for ways to save time on their inspections and in creating their reports. One of the most time consuming parts of creating the final report is incorporating pictures. For the most part, inspectors will take pictures with a camera in the field, and wait until they get back at the office to insert the pictures. Of course, some inspectors take the time to put it all together in the field, but even they would like to see the process more efficient.

This is where the Palm-Tech app comes in.

The Palm-Tech app makes adding pictures to your reports easier than it has ever been. This app can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. If the hardware you are using has a built in camera, you can take a picture with the device and add it directly into your report. This eliminates the need to take pictures with a separate camera, and then spend time back home or at the office inserting pictures into each report.

The way it works is that each line item has two buttons for adding photos. The first automatically brings up your camera. From that point, just snap your picture and it is added directly to the line. The second button allows you to add a picture from the camera roll or gallery from your phone. Just select the photo and it is added directly to the line. You can add as many pictures as you want to each line, and as many pictures as you want to your report. Adding pictures has never been easier.

How much time will you save?