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Five iPhone Tips

Five iPhone Tips

Date Written: 12/17/12

Here are five helpful tips that iPhone users may not know about when using the iPhone.

NOTE: Some of these features are only available in the later iPhone models

  1. Locking the Screen Orientation - If you don't want your screen to flip from portrait to landscape view when you rotate your phone, you can easily lock the screen. Simply tilt the screen to the orientation you want, and double click on the Home button. The multitasking bar at the bottom of the iPhone will appear. By swiping left to right, you'll see the "portrait orientation lock" icon. If you tap it once, a padlock will appear. To unlock it, tap it again.
  2. Zip to the Top of the Screen - When working with certain apps, such as Mail, Safari, Contacts, etc., you can easily skip back up to the top of a page. Just tap on the upper left hand corner of the Status bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Do Not Disturb Mode - If you don't want to receive phone calls, text messages, etc., while you are out in the field; turn on the Do Not Disturb feature. All of your notifications will still be captured for later review, but your phone won't light up or vibrate during your inspection.
  4. A Faster Way to Take Photos - Even if your iPhone is locked, you can access the camera right from the Locked Screen. Simply tap on the camera icon and swipe up, and the capture picture screen will appear.
  5. Turn your iPhone into a Personal Hotspot - You can quickly turn your iPhone into a wireless router, just by tapping on "Set Up Personal Hotspot", under General Settings, and Network. This allows you to connect your personal computer, iPad, or other internet-capable devices to your phone's wireless connection giving you quick access to the internet.